Help me get some information on this vintage collection
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Thread: Help me get some information on this vintage collection

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    Help me get some information on this vintage collection

    Hi all,

    First off, let me say that I have read the stickies, so I know not to ask how much these are worth, and do not expect miracles when it comes to ID-ing these exact models since I don't have the serial numbers.

    What I am asking for are any general ideas of the model, approximate decade they might have been manufactured, if anyone has an opinion on whether or not it would be worth getting them serviced/overhauled in order to sell.

    These are from my father in-law's collection. I think most of these were given to him as opposed to being purchased directly by him, and he is curious to know what he has. If anyone thinks it would be worth opening the cases to ID the movement because it might be rare or potentially valuable, let me know and I might be able to report back here with serial numbers.

    Looking forward to your thoughts! Thanks!

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    Re: Help me get some information on this vintage collection

    Cool Helbros LED.
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    Re: Help me get some information on this vintage collection

    The Omega, Girard-Perregaux, Helbros, and Zodiac are the most interesting (to me). Are any of the watch cases solid gold? I couldn't see the brand on watch no 6.

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    Re: Help me get some information on this vintage collection

    The Omega and the Zodiac are worth looking inside. Most of the watches look to be 1960's. The LED is probably early 70's & the Geneve probably late 70's early 80's.
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    Re: Help me get some information on this vintage collection

    I think the Omega and GP are solid gold cases. I think the bracelet on one of them is gold as well.

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    Re: Help me get some information on this vintage collection

    The Omega looks 1950s to me- but I might be wrong... The reference number on the inside of the caseback and the movement serial will give you a clue. The Girard-Perregaux is quite an interesting piece- 39 jewels and date indicate Girard-Perregaux calibre 22, which is a GP-modified Peseux 330.
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    Re: Help me get some information on this vintage collection

    I think the Timex is 70s....the Helbros LED, if it works, might be quite a find.......70s LED and LCDs are selling quickly at decent prices especially if they work. Hamilton Pulsars are a HUGE deal right now along with Bulova CompuTrons. I pulled a National Semi Conductor LCD unit that my Dad gave me in the 70s out of my jewelry box two months ago, popped a battery in it, (fired right up), put it on eBay with a stupid high (I thought) BIN price and it sold in an hour. CRAZY Judging when to sell when the market on an item is on the bubble is tricky. If it has sentimental value, then that is different of course. An item is not worth anything until one sells it. I see prices on eBay and at vintage stores all of the time that I laugh my ass off at. Example; I have seen two 70s Seiko 5s in fair condition at a local vintage dealer with a price of $90 each. They are just regular round case 5's with tired bands....he deals mainly in military items so I think he paid too much for them. I am not shy and when I told him his price was on the extreme high side for the age and condition he said, "But their SEIKOS!".....I just bought one yesterday about the same age in nicer condition for under $20 on eBay. The market is crazy but endlessly fun and interesting!
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    Re: Help me get some information on this vintage collection

    The Omega should be a Ref. 14350 or Ref. 14363, depending on whether the movement is a bumper or rotor automatic. Here is information from Omega Vintage Database:

    OMEGA Watches: Vintage Watches Database - Ref. 14350

    OMEGA Watches: Vintage Watches Database - Ref. 14363

    And another similar watch:

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    These are usually gold-capped with a steel back, but a solid gold version would not surprise me at all. You'd need to get a jeweler to open the back to see the Ref. number and the caliber (model number) of the movement to correctly identify this watch.

    The Gerard Perregaux is a model from around 1960. I'm not sure what type of movement is in there, but they generally used very fine movements.

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    Please send me a PM through the system for more information that I can't post in the public areas of the forum.

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