Help me identify this watch?

Thread: Help me identify this watch?

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    Help me identify this watch?

    I received this pocket-watch as a gift and I'd like to know more about it. It was my great-grandfathers. Here are some key markings: Elgin, serial number 4336719 on the inside, 414062 on the case which says Fahys Montauk No 1. Any information will be helpful like age, country/city of origin, etc. It also doesn't seem to work - is it possible to repair watches like this? You can view some pictures here: https://......./photos/XrBNqMxfswtgHrkDA

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    Re: Help me identify this watch?

    Your watch is an Elgin 6-size (Usually considered a ladies size. Maybe it was actually your great-grandmothers?) grade 95, 7 jewel, made in 1890. This is a fairly common movement with over 400,000 made.

    Definitely possible to get these repaired. Parts for them are still readily available. You just need to find a qualified repairer familiar with American mechanical watches. Not your average mall battery changer.
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