Help on my Lucien Piccard

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    Help on my Lucien Piccard

    I've recently bought this Lucien Piccard Laser Matic and have no idea/information about this guy! Is it from the same line of the Tressas also called Laser Matic?
    The dial is in excellent condition and the case (gold plated) has minor scratches. I liked it and have never seen another like it!
    Thank you,
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    Re: Help on my Lucien Piccard

    Seems to have a 60's/70's feel to it. Can't say I've seen one like it, but only have limited experience with LP myself. Sure someone will have much more info for you.
    I've got more Converse sneakers than watches, but it is a close race.

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    Re: Help on my Lucien Piccard

    Lucien Piccard didn't really make movements and I bet this one is based on the AS1902 as most private label day date of the same era were, or even the FHF 95 of same characteristics. Definitely an interesting early 70s design, I like it.

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