Help needed with broken Stowa case

Thread: Help needed with broken Stowa case

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    Help needed with broken Stowa case

    I picked this little beauty up off the bay. It runs very well although could do with a good service. I love the simple dial but as you can see, one of the lugs is broken off completely. I dont have the missing part. I really want to get the watch resurrected and on my wrist.
    To me the obvious solution is to re-case the whole watch. I want to keep the dome glass but not worried about the case back too much. Apart from finding another Stowa case, is there any that you can recommend as a substitute? case measures 33mm without crown and 5mm thick excluding case back and glass.
    How easy would it be to re-case the movement? Does anyone have a suitable case they are willing to part with? Would really appreciate some help on this, i am happy to source a new case and pass to a watchmaker for the work.

    I hope the not so good pics are enough


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    Re: Help needed with broken Stowa case

    Hi there, these guys seem to know their business with case work.

    Services - watchcaseworks

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