Help needed in identifying clockwork in pocket watch

Thread: Help needed in identifying clockwork in pocket watch

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    Help needed in identifying clockwork in pocket watch


    I have recently bought my first pocket watch and really liked it until I've been told that I have probably been ripped off.
    The seller mentioned that "the the best of his knowledge, the clockwork is a Unitas 6479".
    With some initial research I've found some very similar pictures of such clockworks.
    However, later I have read about the significance of glued and screwed anchor pins hinting to a Seagull st3600 rather than an Unitas 6497.
    Then again I have found a site with nearly the same clockwork (only difference is the colour difference in some of the gear wheels) - and there the pins are glued as well. My post count is not high enough yet to post the link, but it can be found with google: "mouvement unitas 6497 squelette rhodié".

    Could anyone please provide some insight? Would you need additional macro pictures?

    I have attached the front and back of the clock and the macro of the anchor.
    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Help needed in identifying clockwork in pocket watch

    Welcome to the Watchuseek Vintage/PW forum. I am afraid that the watch is rather more likely to have a Seagull movement than the Unitas 6497 inside. The Unitas 6497 is now made by ETA and should have the ETA stamp under the balance wheel (shown at the top of the page here):

    Manufacture Horlogère SuisseÂ.❘ ETA SA

    If it lacks this, it is likely to be some clone of the ETA/Unitas 6497. Since the patents have expired, this can be cloned quite legally. Sellita doesn't seem to have got round to this yet (they do have legal clones of the ETA 2824-2, the ETA 2892-A2 and the ETA/Valjoux 7750) but Seagull with their Cal. ST 3600 have.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Help needed in identifying clockwork in pocket watch

    There is no stamp on the clockwork.

    Somehow I now feel better, as there is no uncertainty about the watch anymore. It does not have a Unitas clockwork and I have paid a bit (or a lot) more than someone with more knowledge would have paid, but if I am honest: It is still visually pleasing.

    Thank you, Hartmut!

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    Re: Help needed in identifying clockwork in pocket watch

    I have had a few of the ETA and Unitas 6498 (a stable mate to the 6497 ) coming across the in Colibri PW's dating from the 70's to the 90's. Did you buy the watch as new or was it used? I've come across the skeletonized movements of the 6497 in Colibri watches from the 80's and 90's on ebay.

    Here is a series of pictures from a two watches I have one with the Unitas and a later one with the ETA, showing the location of the mark.

    Name:  6498.JPG
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    Location of the mark.

    Name:  Unitas 6498.JPG
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    Unitas stamp
    Name:  ETA 6498.JPG
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    a later ETA stamp

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    Re: Help needed in identifying clockwork in pocket watch

    I've bought it (lightly) used. And with your pictures I've found both the inscription 6497-1 and the ETA stamp. The ETA stamp however is a bit less deeply pressed into the metal compared to your example, so it was a bit tricky to find.
    Thank you!

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