Help needed IDing a watch please
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Thread: Help needed IDing a watch please

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    Help needed IDing a watch please

    Not sure if this is a military watch at all - just looks that way to me. Can anyone help with any info please? I guess it could be some cheap but unusual looking 60s fashion watch? It's a Smiths watch and very thick - almost unwearably so!
    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Help needed IDing a watch please

    Not a military watch. Post moved to the more suitable forum. Those "digital" watches have been very famous in the 1970s.
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    Re: Help needed IDing a watch please

    Welcome to Watchuseek. That watch is more of a fashion statement than a watch.....

    Smiths were a British make, producing a lot of cheapo stuff based on pin lever movements, although their best watches were very good. One of the better ones made it to the top of Mount Everest as probably the first watch ever to do so, and at the very least as one of the first two: it was worn by Sir Edmund Hilary while Sherpa Tenzing Norgay had a Rolex Explorer I. It is not clear which of the two was first on top of the summit.

    This watch, however, is definitely one of the cheaper models. This is indicated by the very vague word "JEWELLED" on the dial. If it had any significant number of jewels (17 for a standard manually wound movement), it would be more specific. The chances are that it has one jewel on the balance and that's it. Also, even though it is a digital watch, it lacks a seconds disc so they skimped there too. At the same time, the overall shape shows that the movement is round but they wanted to cover that up in the 1970s when that watch was made - it was supposed to look zany and a little more like the real quartz digital watches that came out at that time. Hence, they put the pins for the lugs on top so that the circular shape would be covered, leaving only a thin bar showing between the bracelet ends. That's why I called it a "fashion statement".....!

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    Re: Help needed IDing a watch please

    I had one of these about six/seven years ago.
    28mm lugs if I remember right, and hard to find a band that fastened round my wrist!
    Nice one.

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    Re: Help needed IDing a watch please

    Smiths tuning fork wall clocks covered many of school classrooms back then and just worked. Yep! The butter smooth second hand was amazing back then ^^
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