Help Needed - Old Seiko Watch ID have Pic

Thread: Help Needed - Old Seiko Watch ID have Pic

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    Help Needed - Old Seiko Watch ID have Pic

    I have been lucky to acquire this watch - does anyone have any info on this one or a suggestion for a web site that helps ID older Seiko's? The picture pops up pretty good. I am also looking for NOS or Seiko type watchbands. Really appreciate the time to look at this - Thanks!
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    James Bond 50th Seamaster LE (41mm, 37mm gifted to spouse)
    Omega PO 2901.51.82,
    Speedy 3570.50, DayDate 3221.30
    Racend Timer 516.
    Seamasters - 2541.80, 2420.80
    Ball Aviator GMT, Cleve Exp Chrono
    Oris F1 Team Day Date; Diver “Der Meistertaucher”
    Rado 300m Diver
    Bulova Motion Quartz (HD Anniversary 2003)
    Kadloo Ocean Date Pro
    Mido All-Dial Chrono, Ocean Star Capt IV, Multifort LE PVD

    Seiko Diver SKX781J, SKX009J, SKX011J, SKX011J (Stealth Mod), SKX031J (MkII Mod)
    Orient Mako CEM65003D (Pepsi), Sport Auto Power Reserve
    Riedenschild DarkSeaDiverPro SE, Black Ocean
    Timex T2M5136K Sport Auto
    Traser SS Blue
    MTM Falcon Titanium
    Casio MTG 911D (MI-III)
    Seasoned Timepieces:
    Seiko 5 6119-6400

    Seiko Diver 6309-7049 (Purch 83, Restored 08), 6309-729A (Stealth), 6309-729A (SCUL), 7002 (SCUL)
    Seiko Bell-Matic 4006-6001
    Lanco Auto Incablock
    Pulsar One-Step Quartz

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    Re: Help Needed - Old Seiko Watch ID have Pic

    Looks to me like its from the 1970s.
    Try this site:

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    Re: Help Needed - Old Seiko Watch ID have Pic

    Post a pic of the back or the numbers and we can tell you more. Nice looking!

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