Help please identifying a watch

Thread: Help please identifying a watch

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    Help please identifying a watch

    Hi guys my Dad recently passed me a watch I know nothing about it even how or if i should insure it. It's branded Pronto tropic master 400 any help greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Help please identifying a watch

    Mid-60's, Swiss (You already knew that). There's lots of examples on the internet of that particular brand and based on what I've saw it's worth <$200, but I'd do some searching to get a good cross section of the prices that they sell for. If you don't know the service history on it and are planning to wear it I'd have a watch maker give it a service which should cost around $150 if it doesn't need parts.

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    Re: Help please identifying a watch

    Not familiar with Pronto, few on eBay - could be $50, could be $500 - perhaps ask in the vintage forum?

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    Re: Help please identifying a watch

    A little info here...


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