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    Question Help with pocket watch


    I have had this old pocket watch lying around for years. There is some slight external damage to case and hinge, plus the usual wear on the face. Apart from that it appears to run fine. Unfortunatley the name has almost worn off the face making it difficult to identify. I have included a couple of pics to help identify it. Other identifying marks are listed below:


    What appears to be Union and rest worn off on face.

    Inside of back case:

    Enraved writing of "Pure Nickel" and "Swiss Case". Serial # of 356498


    Engraved "3/490", "Swiss Made" and "15 Jewels"

    Any help to identify this watch and determine whether it is worth being repaired would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help with pocket watch

    Hi -

    Hard to tell right off the top of my head, I'm sure that Ray will be able to help more, as pocket watches are more his thing than mine.

    Determining whether it is worth being repaired is largely a function of its sentimental value: or did you plan to use it as a daily time keeper? Usually not, as there is a reason why wrist watches are so popular. Hence most folks who aren't collecting as such tend only to have watches worked on like this when they have great sentimental value, as it is rare to have one that has such great intrinsic value that you would get more for the watch than you would spend on having it worked on.

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    Re: Help with pocket watch

    These are very difficult pocket watches to identify as the Swiss did not keep the same sort of meticulous records as the Americans.
    It looks to me like it's from the 1930s, is of reasonable quality but not exceptionally fine. A businessman's watch I'd say.
    I wouldn't spend a lot of money on it unless it's a family heirloom; you'll likely have to spend more than it's worth to get it restored.

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