Hey up, apologies for being basically lazy and asking for help here, but I'm sure someone on the forum will have some info for me.....
I discovered a couple of pocket watches in a drawer at my dad's house this weekend, here's the first one,
It's a fairly basic (I think) Ingersoll which my dad bought years ago, it hadn't been used for about 30 years, but nonetheless I wound it up, and it kind of runs,but only when it's face down... I guess it needs a service.......

Hope the picture posting worked. Are these watches easily serviced?

Next one is a bit more interesting. My Granddad was in WW1 and apparently relieved some poor German chap of his Alpina pocket watch. The winder is missing as is the second hand, however on the rear is a bit of revealing engraving...
"Leo Schreiber" I'm guessing was the stricken German, while "Anna Kowalzyk" could well have been his girlfriend. The date would suggest it was a Christmas present? What I'm asking is; does anyone have any info about this type of watch, and is it worth getting restored?
Some pictures, The face:

The movement:

And the engraving:

Thanks in advance for any info offered.