Help with a Remontoir Cylindre Pocket/Pendant Watch

Thread: Help with a Remontoir Cylindre Pocket/Pendant Watch

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    Help with a Remontoir Cylindre Pocket/Pendant Watch

    Dear all,

    This pocket or pendant watch you can see in the pictures has been in my family for four generations. It belong to my grandmother's mother. Well, since my grandmother was born in 1904 and she was the youngest among her siblings, I assume the watch was purchased in late 1800s.

    It was made for the Ottoman market, thus the Arabic dial. it is in a beautiful 14 K gold case. Sadly, It is missing three things.

    1. The crystal is gone, but thankfully the dial has no faults, not even hair lines. My watch guy said, finding a crystal is not very hard.

    2. The diamond is missing from the hour hand, which again is not very important.

    3. The Escapement Wheel is broken. I bought an old Remontoir mechanism once just to realize that it was too big. Now, Ebay has quite a lot of Remontoir, but I am very much novice to the watch collecting and repair. Could you please tell me what I can do to find the correct Escapement Wheel.

    I would also love to hear what more you have to say about this watch. Such as year it was made, is it Swiss and etc.

    I suppose it was made for the a little richer ones back then? My paternal grandmother and her family was from a well known Greek Orthodox family, thus they were able to afford this maybe?

    Thank you a lot

    Axel Jon
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    Re: Help with a Remontoir Cylindre Pocket/Pendant Watch

    The movement is typical pin set, stem wound ( remontoir) cylinder escapement movement vintage approx. 1890-1910 of Swiss origin. If the case is solid gold, that's where the value is.

    It is very difficult to get cylinder watches repaired in this day and age and getting proper parts is near impossible.

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    Re: Help with a Remontoir Cylindre Pocket/Pendant Watch

    I'd suggest 1905 - 1915 but otherwise I'd agree with Ron. This is a very common movement layout so first you'd need to identify the maker - if you can and don't assume that anything similar is the same as the small details really count.

    You'll probably need a watchmaker to do that as the dial will need to come off and perhaps the barrel bridge as sometimes there are markings there. Then you'd have to try and find the same movement again if you need donor parts. But even then few watchmakers will touch these as the cost of working on them far exceeds their financial value.

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    Re: Help with a Remontoir Cylindre Pocket/Pendant Watch

    I think that you have a hell of a task ahead of you. THe first thing would be to identify the exact movement since parts are always movement specific (occasionally, you can mix parts between movements but this is the rare exception rather than the rule). I am fairly certain that this is a Fontainemelon movemement, possibly even this one:

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: FHF 11'''

    ...but you really need to determine the exact calibre and that means the right size (i.e. height and diameter) movement for a start. Once you have that, you can look for a donor movement. It is not a terribly special movement so your chances are low but not exactly nonexistent. The alternative is to have a new wheel made up but this will certainly be expensive and exceed the value of the watch. It will definitely be quicker, though.....

    Hartmut Richter

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