Help with Tiffany movement I.D.
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Thread: Help with Tiffany movement I.D.

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    Help with Tiffany movement I.D.


    Everything I know about watches, I learned on the internet..... so bear with me.

    I have acquired an very pretty old pocket watch that belonged to someone in my family, and that's all I know about it.
    I had a reputable jeweler take a look at it, who is not a watch expert, but provided some info.

    The case is 18K, and the face marked "Tiffany & Co."

    The interesting thing is the movement. It seems to be a quite nice 17 jewel movement, however it is completely unmarked. Completely. No signature, name, number, nothing.

    It is all in perfect working order.

    Any thoughts on the origin of the movement, or the watch itself?

    Many thanks.
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    Re: Help with Tiffany movement I.D.

    Looks like a Vacheron Constantin Cal. 439/7 (base movement by JLC). Try about halfway down this page:

    Uhrenhersteller "V"

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Help with Tiffany movement I.D.

    Given the high quality movement and 18k case, it is plausible that this PW was retailed by Tiffany. However, it's difficult to be certain since the printing of "TIFFANY & Co" on the dial is clearly not original. Perhaps the dial faded and somebody decided to re-write the logo. Or perhaps the dial was originally unbranded (like the rest of the watch), and somebody got creative. Lovely pocket watch in any case.
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