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    Question Help, Unidentified Concord Watch

    Unidentified Concord Watch

    I have a Men's Concord Dress watch that I purchased new from a reputable store in NJ around 1988. But I can't determine which make it is of a Concord. Concord is also having problems identifying it base on the case number (20.21.218). They said that their records are not 100% due to the mergers they have experienced it the past, and sometime the case numbers were re-used.

    The watch is:
    Solid gold
    Very Thin.
    Leather Strap
    Gold Face
    Gold hash-marks for numbers (rectangular-symmetrical, not like the ones on the Concord Bennington)
    Sapphire jewel on the winder.

    I have attached pictures of the front and back. Its style does appear to be "similar" to the Concord Bennington, but it is clearly not exactly the same.

    Does anyone know where I can find out what make this Concord is?
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    Re: Help, Unidentified Concord Watch

    Moved from Inquiries to "Vintage". Hope some guys here could help and add some information.

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    Re: Help, Unidentified Concord Watch

    Hi -

    First of all, welcome to the forum!

    Unfortunately, if Concord themselves doesn't know the answer, it's unlikely that anyone else will. Sad, but true. Does surprise me, though: they should have some of their older catalogues which would help ID the watch.

    Am I correct in assuming that this is a quartz watch?

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