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    Help with Vintage Tissot

    Hi Guys,

    I've got a vintage Tissot that belonged to my grandfather. I'm not sure when it was made or what model (guessing 1930s from the serial number). I was wondering if anyone could offer me any information such as

    How old the watch might be?

    What movement it has and where I can get the movement serviced (it hasn't been used in at least 30 years).

    As for the caseback the markings include 717 959 (a model number? serial number?)

    Thanks for your help and sorry for the lousy pics (I'm trying to get better at 'em).

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    Re: Help with Vintage Tissot

    There is a serial number table here:

    That dial is really nice!
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    Re: Help with Vintage Tissot

    From that era, Tissot was making their "own" movements, but nothing in the Ranfft database fit. So I turned to Bestfit, and found that Tissot didn't make a lot of larger rectangular models. I eyeballed it to be about 9'''x11.5''', which suggests its a Cal 20, then did a google and found this picture of a cal 20:

    Design looks right; can you measure your movement?

    In terms of service, its not a very complicated movement, so any decent watchmaker should have no problem giving it a go (as long as nothing it broken). But at its age, you want to be sure you trust whoever you give it to; if they mess it up, you're not likely to easily find a replacment part.
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    Re: Help with Vintage Tissot

    Hi -

    Definitely a Tissot cal 20, which dates to at least 1939, according to my "La Classification Horologère" from that year.

    Replacement parts will indeed be the challenge if something is broken. Rather nice movement...

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    Re: Help with Vintage Tissot

    I can tell you that it is a beautiful watch, but I suspect you already knew that. Cherish it and think of your grandpa. Ask around for an established, independent watchmaker. Yes, available parts might be hard to come by, but it may just need cleaning and servicing, which should not be difficult with that type of movement. Most good watchmakers could make a stem or a gear if they needed to, but no reason to think they will. At least there's no reason to worry about it.

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