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    Heuer mikrograph stopwatch

    Hey guys!

    I have this old stop watch, it's been lying in my cabinet for years now. It's originally from my grandpas clock store he had about around 1950's or 60's. Can anyone give any price estimate for this? I'm asking because i don't collect watches and don't use it so i guess it would mean more to some collector. There is couple scratches in the class. It's this ref. 1611 here: http://lh4.ggpht.com/_EWDt_J4i-Q4/S7.../Heuer1916.jpg.

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    Re: Heuer mikrograph stopwatch

    Hi and welcome.

    Sorry - but this forum does not give valuations at all. There are stickies explaining why.
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    Re: Heuer mikrograph stopwatch

    They are pretty rare but the market for them is thin so hard to price, as are many variants of Heuers. But that doesn't seem to stop Jeff Stein over at OnTheDash.com... pop over and see what he has to say in his pricing tables. Heuer just came out with a version of this that times to 1/1000th of a second - and it is MECHANICAL! They won lots of awards for the ability to do that... first ever as far as I can tell.
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    Re: Heuer mikrograph stopwatch


    I know this is an old post but in the last 12 months I have purchased a number of Mikrographs (also Semikrograh, Microsplit and Semicrosplit) and know many collectors that have them. They are by no means rare but it is rare that a collector will sell them (many are hidden in private collections). As your version is Heuer signed on the face it will have the
    Valjoux 76 movement (you have the updated version). The original version created in 1916 had a "Heuer 601 Kaliber" movement and these are harder to find. The rarest Mikrograph is a black face versionI purchased and to date it is the only one known to exist (still waiting on further information from Tag Heuer). Please note that the Mikrograph was in production for a long time so the older examples in mint condition bring the most money.

    So as a general overview I have purchased Mikrographs the same as yours for as low as $200US up to $900US (only light scratches and fully serviced), the black face is too expensive to mention. The older 601 versions have cost me from $600US up to $2400US for one in mint condition. So without knowing if your Mikrograph is fully functional and what itlooks like from all angles it hard to give a value range. But keep in mind with vintage Heuer items that don’t come up for sale all that often a buyer could pay crazy money just to complete their collection (so the true value is what a collector is willing to pay).

    Some Examples: https://forums.watchuseek.com/f25/heu...it-688979.html


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