High grade 2nd generation Lepine cylinder movement
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Thread: High grade 2nd generation Lepine cylinder movement

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    High grade 2nd generation Lepine cylinder movement

    I got this on German eBay.

    Name:  DSC00395.JPG
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    I'm not very good in German, so I missed the bit of the description that mentioned the case was not original...

    Name:  DSC00392.JPG
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    Clearly, the key post is way off the key hole here. Well - maybe it's for the best, because the movement was in fact worth buying...

    Name:  DSC00388.JPG
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    How come? It's just an ordinary Lepine cylinder.
    A good one, though.
    I took it apart to clean and oil it.

    Name:  DSC00366.JPG
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    There are not many parts and it's easy to assemble...

    Name:  DSC00368.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00376.JPG
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    The most difficult part was the very badly bent hairspring. It took me 2 hours to make it look like that - still far from perfect!

    Name:  DSC00384.JPG
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    The watch has a beautiful dial with a web pattern on the sub-dial.
    The anglaged plates' edges and steelwork also look decent.
    The watch has all 11 jewels a cylinder watch of the time could have (center post was not yet jewelled at the time).

    Eleven I say? Yes - eleven!

    Name:  DSC00381.JPG
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    Yup, that's sapphire cylinder! sapphire it seems, as it's colorless.

    Name:  DSC00387.JPG
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    Name:  DSC00396.JPG
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    back together - a very nice watch, despite it's a recase...
    Have a great day!!!

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    Re: High grade 2nd generation Lepine cylinder movement

    Excellent work and great photos. That dial really is a beauty paired with that nice movement.

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    Re: High grade 2nd generation Lepine cylinder movement

    Lovely, those hands are sublime, the hour hand reminds me of a tulip, a possible Dutch connection?


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