Hoping for help in identifying watch
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Thread: Hoping for help in identifying watch

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    Hoping for help in identifying watch

    I'm helping with an estate sale by putting some items on ebay for the family [We're in rural Maine and there's not a lot of local demand for some items.] and I have a pendant lady's watch that I can not identify. It was found with a Waltham Openface Lady's Wrist Watch, pre-1920, and a Hamilton Openface Lady's Watch - pendant model. circa 1922. Photos are below. The face has no manufacturer's or brand marking whatsoever. The inside of the case only says 'guaranteed 20 years' with a 'NE' inside a heart. The movement has serial 22737 followed by gothic lettering I'm having trouble with. As best I can make out, it might be NEW Co or NGW Co - neither of which help me figure this out. It also has USA engraved on the plate which should narrow it down a little bit.

    Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in adva

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    Re: Hoping for help in identifying watch

    Hello David,

    Welcome to watchuseek.

    It appears that watch was made by the New England Watch Co.
    of Waterbury, CT. They are reported as being in business from
    1898 to 1914. It is also reported that Ingersoll purchased the
    New England Watch Company in 1914. -->
    Brief History: Ingersoll Watch Company

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    I would not attempt to assign a value to the watch. You can
    learn by searching eBay how much demand there is for vintage
    ladies watches. There is not enough gold in a plated case to
    be worth recovering. The family might as well decide to keep
    that one as an heirloom. I suggest giving to a young lady who
    wants it.

    I think you will get more answers in the vintage forum. I will
    move your post there.

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    Re: Hoping for help in identifying watch

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Hoping for help in identifying watch

    It is indeed a New England Watch Company product. Low cost watches at the time, but interesting due to the duplex escapement utilized. The '20 years' on the case indicates that it is gold filled.

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    Re: Hoping for help in identifying watch

    Thanks, guys, I think I've figured it out from what you gave me. It is definitely from the New England Watch Co. From what I can see online, although there don't seem to be many old N.E.W. watches out there, they're not in great demand by collectors. I think I'd do good to get $20-$40 for this on ebay. For being 100 years old, this watch is in beautiful condition, it still runs and keeps time perfectly, the crystal is still clear and clean, and the face is still as bright as the day it was made. I think the face is porcelain/enamel. Based on the monogram on the back, I've been able to figure out who owned it and I'm going to suggest it be saved as a graduation present for the great-great-granddaughter.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    If anyone would like to chime in with opinions or to correct me, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
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