How cheap is too cheap?
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Thread: How cheap is too cheap?

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    How cheap is too cheap?

    Just received a watch in the mail that I bought from fleabay and I paid 50 cent and shipping was $1.50. I guess since the seller didn't make any money off the watch he decided to be cheap and use the printed shipping label as the envelope . The watch was wrapped up in a thin napkin and was put in another small paper envelope.
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    I was surprised that the watch was even running when i unwrapped it considering how little protection it had during shipping.

    The watch has a decent amount of wear on the dial and but it doesn't look that bad in person. It is a small watch but I really like the lugs on the case. it has an AS movement but I don't know which caliber. The movement is about 19.5mm diameter so it is definitely a women's watch movement.

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    Re: How cheap is too cheap?

    If you need the parts, the $2 was well spent...
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    Re: How cheap is too cheap?

    Congrats to your postal service - I don't think it would have survived over here!

    I like the lugs.

    Possibly: bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: AS 1156
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    Re: How cheap is too cheap?

    If that went through the hands of my local postal service it would have been reduced to a crunchy pile of metal bits! Glad it survived. $2 for a watch with a movement that runs? Not bad, I have to say!

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