How do I contact watchaholics anon.
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Thread: How do I contact watchaholics anon.

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    How do I contact watchaholics anon.

    Dear ,
    No one told me when I started this hobby It would be this addictive.
    Now I only got into fixing old watches to learn how to fix one of my own no one would touch and have not purchased an operational watch since .
    I have now have 32 operational serviced watches ticking away in my bedside draw which I wind every couple of days and monitor their reserve and accuracy.
    ( drives the wife crazy when I do it as I hop into bed and write down results)
    Plus 5 waiting to be fixed and I have a large plastic box of Parts and timepieces I managed to wreck in learning. The Tissot 781 series are prominent here mainly due to stuffed hairsprings and bent fourth wheels.
    this is not to mentioned all the tools oils ,greases etc. Hell I even succumbed to buying a crystal press .
    As I only really rotate 5 on the daily basis. No, sometimes I wear two at once .
    OMG I actually have a 601 Omega on my right and a Elvstrom case on a Kevlar band on my left with no movement or dial . (I am waiting on a new Chrono runner hammer which really is not necessary as the old one is fine but looks a bit cruddy and although no one can see it I know.) my excuse is I am breaking in the kevlar band. No wonder people look at me funny especially if I bring out the extra two I have in my pocket at the coffee shop to check the timing against my iPhone .
    So for the last six months I have steeled myself to sell some off but here's the issue.
    eg. On the WRUW post I showed yesterday a lovely Bulova SeeBee.
    Now I bought this as a parts or repair $35 last year. It was filthy in and out ,nothing moved and the two piece stem would not hold , I found a donor piece for $15 just in case for parts and a new mainspring. After hours of cleaning etcetc it goes great but I never wear it so I got it out to sell .Then I fondled it ,thought about to loving care I put in and remembered that although I tightened up the old two piece stem one needed to use just the right pressure to pull it out ,it is a little stiff.
    Na I can't sell that the new person may not care for it and pull on the stem to hard. Same with the others ,2lovely 219 accutrons keep great time ,hum beautifully never wear them but cannnot sell them as it took me hours to lean how to service and index.
    each one has a personal story when fixing.
    I am itching to fix the other 5 and get a couple more but my draw is already full of ticketing watches.
    Someone said in a previous post not to get attached when fixing .To late HELP
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    Re: How do I contact watchaholics anon.

    Man how I would love to have the time to learn to service and repair my own watches! Loved the write up; unfortunately I'm looking for WA as well

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    Re: How do I contact watchaholics anon.

    Lol. Thanks. I needed a good laugh. And I totally understand.

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    Re: How do I contact watchaholics anon.

    I am sure someone on here would of warned you of the dangers of staying in these forums, you must of been blind to the words or didn't believe us lol . Yes these forums just feed your addiction esp on the "what you wearing" threads, you see a watch that catches your eye and you go on the hunt, then end up with a large collection like yours lol

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    Re: How do I contact watchaholics anon.

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    Re: How do I contact watchaholics anon.

    Quote Originally Posted by yankeexpress View Post
    Oh my , thank you ,thank you. It's a start.
    You know I remember catching the peak hour train home each night a long time ago and there was a middle age chap ,well dressed ,on the same train that stood irrespective if seat availability and conversed with himself and I'm thinking hell What if I start talking to the dam watches in the coffee shop. You know like " hey naughty fella your losing 1 sec every 5 mins, back to the workbench for you" I'm in enough strife wearing two watches now.
    Perhaps it is this forum and it's a plot by big brother to turn back the clock to the old days.
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