How does this watch look? Legit?

Thread: How does this watch look? Legit?

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    How does this watch look? Legit?

    Hi all, been a long time since I last posted, but I recently found this watch and was interested...but I saw some inconsistences with other examples. The crown, which I have been told has been replaced, and the reset pusher which has a small hole in the center of it. Now that I've never seen before. I'm told by the seller that it is the original pusher, but I have doubts about that. What do you guys think?

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    Re: How does this watch look? Legit?

    When looking at the picture of the back side the two pushers have entirely different wear patterns.

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    Re: How does this watch look? Legit?

    I am not familiar with this model specifically, or with that pusher. And I don't know the reason for the hole. So this is really just speculation on my part. However, it is obviously the right shape, color, and size, and I tend to think that the most likely explanation is that it is original.

    Please note the case size, 32.5mm.
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    Re: How does this watch look? Legit?

    Something to think about is the lettering on the case back. See that there appears to be two stampings of STAYBRITE STAINLESS STEEL. The first one is fainter and slightly misaligned with the second one. Also, see the sweeping scratches going through the I in FITCH and the last E in ABERCROMBIE. It looks like those letters had no influence on the path of whatever made the scratches. How likely is that? What is the story of the case back?

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