How long should a service last?
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Thread: How long should a service last?

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    How long should a service last?

    Just out of curiosity and wanting to get the opinions of those that have pretty much first hand knowledge. I'm sure all of us have opened watch cases and seen the watch repair scratchmarks of former services. I'm curious though, under normal circumstances of periodic wearing of a watch, how long does a watch run before it needs another service or is a service recommended? Are there any guidelines that you follow besides the watch starting to have timing issues?
    Thanks for any opinions!
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    Re: How long should a service last?

    These days, five to seven years. The more complex the sooner.

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    Re: How long should a service last?

    I was told by several people, minimum: Five years. Max: Ten years.

    It depends on how regularly you use the watch, and how old it is, and how complicated it is.

    My Ball RR watch, which is my daily timepiece (it's ticking away on my desk right now), I should probably get serviced in the next couple of years. But as's keeping excellent time.

    If you read a lot of the old watch owners' manuals and such from the 1900s (and before), they say every 18 months to two-three years. That was then, but these days with better and thinner lubricants, watches can run for years without needing servicing, PROVIDED they're used correctly.
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