How are pocket watches worn with todays attire?

Thread: How are pocket watches worn with todays attire?

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    How are pocket watches worn with todays attire?

    Without a doubt vests and exposed T-bar watch chains with fobs hanging across you're belly have gone out of style some time ago. However I love my pocket watches and would greatly enjoy wearing one from my collection daily. I have occasionally kept one in my pants pocket, having it attached to me by a chain I made up using an anodized climbing hook (carribeaner sp?) For my belt loop and a gold plated chain with small spring loaded hook for the watches bail. This has worked well for me but I am looking for other ideas. I would love to hear any suggestions.


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    Re: How are pocket watches worn with todays attire?

    I use a vest and a t-bar or Albert chain over a dark long-sleeve t-shirt, accessorized with a fedora (mostly during the winter). Otherwise, it's the watch-pocket of my pants. I have one spring jacket with an outer breast pocket that I will sometimes use (I hook the chain to the zipper pull of the waist pocket).
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    Re: How are pocket watches worn with todays attire?

    Certainly wouldn't agree that the vest with double or single Albert has gone out of style - it does however take a certain style to wear one, so I'd go with Robs suggestion as wearing them will vary according to just what you are wearing. Don't forget too the traditional jacket lapel method of having them in the top pocket.

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    Re: How are pocket watches worn with todays attire?

    Shangas posted this some time back.
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    Re: How are pocket watches worn with todays attire?

    I use the watch pocket of my pants. My mode of attachment varies-usually a short chain with a spring ring that fits around a belt loop, sometimes a leather strap with "loops" at each end, one of which goes through the bow of the watch and the other of which around a belt loop. My third, and least used way is with a short fob chain.
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