How would you price this pocket watch?

Thread: How would you price this pocket watch?

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    How would you price this pocket watch?

    I have a working Waltham "Vanguard" Yellow Gold Filled 21j railroad pocket watch circa 1902. The tag it came with says it's worth $800 as is, 1200 refurbished. It has never been used, and has only been taken out of its case a few times. How do I price this, and where can I sell it? I'm new at this?

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    Re: How would you price this pocket watch?

    Hello , nice pocket watch, I would suggest scanning E-bay or have it appraised, we do not perform evaluations of watches on this forum, please refer to forum rules.

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    Re: How would you price this pocket watch?

    That falls under the category of "Valuations", which the stickies state we don't do.

    What we <can> do is give you a general idea of the quality of the watch and other little tidbits that'll let you determine how your watch compares to other, similar watches that have sold on the internet or in auction listings. However, for that we'd need a good picture of the movment. In general, while Vanguards are good railroad grade watches, its the ones with the up/down indicator that fetch the big bucks. I just did a "completed listing" search on Ebay (which only goes back 30 days, I think), and the most expensive Vanguad that's sold recent went for $523. But that was a really good looking 18 size 23j vanguard with diamond endstones.
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    Re: How would you price this pocket watch?

    I'll give you five bucks and I'll handle the delivery.
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    Re: How would you price this pocket watch?

    Just a couple of points to consider:

    The Vanguard was made in three models: the 1892 model, 1899 model, and 1908 model. The 1892 model is 18 size, and the 1899 and 1908 models are 16 size. The 1899 and 1908 models are basically identical without taking them apart, with the exception of the 1899 model Vanguard having a star wheel regulator and the 1908 model having an Ohlson's 1908 patent regulator.

    Since I collect these, I've owned a good number of all these variants, although at the moment I just have two, an 1892 model and 1908 model. The 18 size ones, in my experience, carry a small premium over the 16 size.

    The 18 size Vanguards were made in 17, 19, 21, and 23 jewel versions. Interestingly enough, the 17 jewel ones are among the most valued both for their scarcity and their spectacular damaskeen. The 23j versions, which are most common, tend to bring the lowest prices. The 21j versions are all over the place in valuations. Some are actually upjeweled 17s, and retain the same great damaskeen. I also have a preference for the "21 Ruby Jewel" variants of the 21j version. I prefer these to the later diamond endstone but plainer 21 jewel ones.

    Among 16 sizes, the most highly valued are the earlier ones. These should have a diamond endstone, which disappeared in later years. I don't think yours is 16 size, though, so I won't elaborate too much on these.

    As I said, I collect Vanguards, and I think I could put together a nice collection of them by spending the amount you've quoted. I hope that gives you some idea of where your quoted numbers stand in relation to just one watch.

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