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    HY MOSER chronograph

    Pray tell, what brand, is movement, these pocket watches.
    Not previously seen in the pocket watch Henry Moser, such a movement.
    This Vacheron Constantin?

    Thank you!

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    Re: HY MOSER chronograph

    What makes you think it could be a Vacheron? It looks like a decent movement, but not finely decorated as a V&C would be.

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    The gold watch in that photo looks a lot like the movement in yours.
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    Re: HY MOSER chronograph

    Possibly something by Lemania. Here is a similar movement, extended by a quarter repeater mechanism - the differences (especially the "mirror imaging" of the two movements) may well be connected to the fact that yours is a lepine (open face) watch and the one in the link is a savonette ("hunter") watch.

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