I was given a nice Waltham today
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Thread: I was given a nice Waltham today

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    I was given a nice Waltham today

    i was at a store that specialized in turquoise and vintage silver jewelry with my wife today. while she was looking at rings, i looked over the silver and turquoise watch cuffs. nothing too interesting and all of them had some kind of generic quartz watch attached... except one that had a dirty, older gold Waltham attached. i particularly like the very thin seconds hand with a red arrow tip. i asked the owner if the watch worked, and he let me wind it up. it came right to life, but when i gave it back he asked if i wanted just the watch. i did not really want try to buy it, i had not come looking for a watch, but he said he would just give it to me, so i said "sure"

    i brought it home and it polished up nicely. it does have a crack in the crystal but is usable. it was about +5 s/d face up and about 220 degrees amplitude. however; it did not fare so well in other positions.

    i put it on a brown perlon strap and think it looks pretty nice. what do you think?
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    does anyone have any information on this model and maybe an idea of its age? i was thinking it was maybe from the 50's or 60's... does that seem right?
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    Re: I was given a nice Waltham today

    Mid to late 60's was a popular time for these oval-ish type cases. "Waltham" was, at that time, just going through the motions of importing and selling whatever they figured they could make money on. 17jewel, Incabloc with date was in the mid to low range of watch quality, typically.
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    Re: I was given a nice Waltham today

    Looks nice to me! If it's free it's for me. That's what I always say. Get a crystal for it and enjoy it!

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    Re: I was given a nice Waltham today

    Looks like the strap is cutting off the circulation to your hand!!

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