I need help identifying these watches

Thread: I need help identifying these watches

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    I need help identifying these watches

    These pocket watches were left for me in the will of a friend of my grandparents. I have no idea what model or year or make they are besides the Moeris logo. I've searched and searched and haven't been able to find anything that helps me. I'm not watch expert, I know nothing about them. I just wanted a value estimate and/or information on what makes these are. Thanks.

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    Re: I need help identifying these watches

    The quartz watch is only of sentimental value unless the case is silver, which I doubt. This watch probably is post 1990.

    We can tell you about the other watch, maybe enough you can do your own valuation, but we don't do valuations here. That said, we can tell you a lot more about the Moeris if we can get pictures of the insides (the movement). Any closeups of hallmarks (little stampings in the case) might help too.

    Without more information, it's hard to say more.

    And welcome!
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    Re: I need help identifying these watches

    The one on the left isn't worth anything. Millions of those watches are made each year. They're as common as hair. The other one looks older. We'd be able to tell you more if we had better photos and photos of the inside of the watch. But even that one is unlikely to be worth much.

    Value and worth aren't determined on this website for the pure fact that they're impossible to determine.

    Value is determined by a whole host of factors and it's just impossible to say. But I'd bet you it's not worth much. Very few pocketwatches are.
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