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    I need help with this watch


    I have this pocket watch, that belonged to my grandfather's gandfather, for a long time and I had never given any importance, until recently that I became curious to know when it might be made, what is the brand,...

    It works properly, but it has no inscription, except on the back cover, where yo can see FER'S PATENT, but I find no reference to that brand.

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    When opened, this is what's inside:

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    Sorry for the lighting of the photos, but with the back transparent cover, reflections can be seen because y need lights and shadows to enhance the inscriptions on the back cover.

    After seeing the inside and compare it to other watches manufactured by Roskopf that have exactly the same machinery, I learned that the son was called Fritz-Edouard Roskopf (perhaps the FER inscription?), but still have not found any other with the same aspect.


    Excuse for my english, but it is not my native language.

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    Re: I need help with this watch

    The design is pretty close to the design of Roskopf's second generation, but the crown and pendent arrangement speaks to a later time period. This site is probably the most detailed site for Roskopf watches:

    Roskopf Watches

    Does it look like the escapement platform is removable?
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    Re: I need help with this watch

    Thanks for the answer.

    I do not know what you want to say with 'Does it look like the escapement platform is removable?'.
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    I think that with this screws you can take out this complete piece, but I am not sure. If the escapement platform is other part, I will post other photographs.

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