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    ID on Certina Pocket Watch

    Hi first, I am sorry that I don't have any pictures of the pocket watch as I don't have it right know.
    It's a Certina Pocket Watch and I have found one that is completely identical to it on an Argentina website, I also found a Certina Biostar Pocket Watch that looks like it.
    I need for guys help for - What's the model name, is it for males or females and is it worth anything (don't wanna sell it, just if I should handle it with care)

    The one I found from Argentina had the numbers - "7501 950" and looks just like mine
    The other on I found that reminded off mine had the numbers - "7501 050" but doesn't have the stuff in the middle.

    My own doesn't have anything on the back, maybe it was polished off.

    Thanks for the help
    - Thue

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    Re: ID on Certina Pocket Watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek. I'm sorry but without any pictures, we will be unlikely to be able to help much. When I google "Certina Biostar", I get a modern watch from the 1970s or perhaps late 1960s). If the pocket watch is the same, it would be a modern pocket watch, probably with a wrist watch movement from about that time. Some questions:

    1. What size is the watch?
    2. Does it have a seconds hand at all? And if so, which type (central seconds had or subseconds at 6:00)?
    3. Does it have a date feature?

    That might help us clear it all up for you.

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: ID on Certina Pocket Watch

    That system was used between 1958 and 1974 but there should be a second number that will date the watch.

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