ID required please, or any infos

Thread: ID required please, or any infos

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    ID required please, or any infos


    Was given this by a deceased friend before he passed away. Need any info on the watch and or company.

    Really appreciated.

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    Re: ID required please, or any infos

    Hi and welcome.

    I haven't heard of Sinders and can't find any reference to it. It might be a jeweller's own brand.

    The movement looks like it could be a Unitas - maybe this one bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Unitas 6497-1 - but with 15 jewels not 17. Possibly late 1940's or 1950's? But there are members here who know a lot more than me.
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    Re: ID required please, or any infos

    This is a vintage private label pocket watch, as suggested by a the earlier responder, probably a version of a Unitas from the mid 50s or so with an antique-look-enamel-wannabe dial (I believe this is actually painted metal) with classic 24 hours dual tone print, this was common in the commonwealth during the early 20th century and was probably retro designed in this vintage watch. Not much of a collection value but a nice pocket watch.

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    Re: ID required please, or any infos

    The case style looks quite recent, a Bucherer I bought new in Switzerland in the late 1970s (and since sold) looked identical to it.

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