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    Identification needed, please help!!!

    first I have to let you know that I know nothing about watches other than some wind up and others take batteries, some are cheap and others are not. Ive been trying to identify some that we found however.

    Found some watches in a bag in the attic of a house we bought. One was very easy to identify and estimate value etc. it was a Gerrard Perrigaux pendant gold and diamonds and beautiful and we sold it to a jewler for $700.00. Another was a Rolex, and another is called a Dorset swiss made and when opened up it shows Montgomery Wards...
    However the watch, or should I say Stop Watch that I've never been able to find anything at all on as far as info or value or anything is called MEDO and its a stopwatch. MEDO is what is located on the face. When I opened the back cover it says the following in different places on the mechanical parts as shown and as I have listed below the pictures

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    "one 1 jewel unadjusted"

    Anyone with any knowledge or info that wants to help me out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone who even has comments, as Id love to talk about these. Ill post the other watches too so you can see my find. And I'll tell you something, I had never seen the inside of a nice watch in my life and when I opened that Gerrard Perrigaux my jaw dropped at the beauty of it and the mechanics. Im still so intrigued with it even though we sold it. I was also told that the etchings or scribbles inside on the back cover were from the watch repairmen that worked on it, lol I needed a magnifying glass to even see what they etched in it. Anyway thanks for any comments, and I never found out much on the dorset either if anyone knows much, but the MEDO is my mystery stopwatch.
    Thanks Again
    Gregg Bristol

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    Re: Identification needed, please help!!!

    The Girard P was actually a wrist watch, but someone had been using it as a pendant.
    Hmmm, GP gold or platinum cocktail watch with big-ish diamonds for $700?
    Not bad, thinks I!

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    Re: Identification needed, please help!!!

    Dorset was an in house brand for Montgomery Ward department stores in the US. They had many watches made under that name that were jobbed out to various assemblers. They stopped making mechanicals in the 1970s from what I have been able to find. I own a 17 jewel dive watch that's actually pretty nice from the very late 60s or early 70s myself.
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