Identify this calendar pocketwatch
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Thread: Identify this calendar pocketwatch

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    Identify this calendar pocketwatch

    An acquaintance of mine on an unrelated forum has a very interesting calendar pocketwatch he is unable to identify. All he has provided is photos of the watch but it looks sufficiently unique that someone here may be able to offer an identification. I have no idea at all what it may be.
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    Re: Identify this calendar pocketwatch

    That is really very cool piece! Sorry no idea about identification
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    Re: Identify this calendar pocketwatch

    As to the manufacturer of the whole thing, I'm afraid that without any signature on the watch, or at least a patent number for the calendar module, that's not possible to find out.
    "Registered 18 March, 1887" would suggest, that the design has been either patented, or listed as a "registered design." I don't think any records exist for the registered designs, and even if there are any in existence, they're not covered by patent databases like Espacenet.

    Obviously, it wouldn't have been made earlier than 1887, if that's the date it was introduced as such. I'd say that the later the year past 1900, the more unlikely it is to be the year of production of this one. And, it's most unlikely to be later than circa 1910. A safe bet in terms of the period of manufacture would be 1887-1900.

    The base movement is generic, a typical Swiss "bar layout", which evolved from the Lepine V, and has been used by a number of manufacturers, notably by FHF and LeCoultre (who - back then - were a generic movement supplier, offering just about everything from fairly low-grade cylinder escapement movements to ones with split-second chronograph and minute repeater complications).
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    Re: Identify this calendar pocketwatch

    There's a watch brand name that escapes me at the moment that has a similar calendar design. Crown moves the day wheel and also had a date window

    Might be something under the dial. Some companies sighed there if they manufactured for others


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    Re: Identify this calendar pocketwatch

    I like it ! 18k case is nice too

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    Re: Identify this calendar pocketwatch

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