Identify my grandpas wristwatch

Thread: Identify my grandpas wristwatch

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    Identify my grandpas wristwatch

    I have a wristwatch which used to belong to my grandpa, would like to know especially how old this could be. I'm guessing this could be from 1940's.

    President, 17 Jewels, Incabloc

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    Any kind information about this watch appreciated!

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    Re: Identify my grandpas wristwatch

    Jukka, I think it is one of those "private Label " watches made after WW2.

    I have never seen one branded President, but then a watch would not be exported to Sweden/Norway/ Denmark, as we do not have a President.
    It could be a Finland "special", assuming that your granddad lived in Finland, the country of Heroes!

    As you had the great Mannerheim for president, it would not surprise me if they had him in their thoughts when they named the watch.

    Usually theu contain excellent quality 15 or 17 J movements, and are solidly built. Very good quality for the money. These watches were fairly cheap, much much cheaper than the established brands like Omega, Doxa, Longines etc

    As yours is gold plated, it was a level above the normal ones.
    the cheapest ones had Plated Brass cases, then came Stainless steel, then gold plated ( brass usually)

    I would say 1950's or even 1960's

    Any chance of a movement pic?
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