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    Identify Watch Movement

    Hi Everyone
    This is my first post!
    Can anyone give me information as to the identity of this watch movement please.
    It is Swiss and cased in an English 9ct gold Stolkace hallmarked for 1931.
    The movement has the wording "Nomide 10.5 ligne". I cannot find out anything about Nomide.
    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
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    Re: Identify Watch Movement

    Moved to our Vintage watch forum - hopefully the good folks here will be able to help
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    Re: Identify Watch Movement

    A fairly typical 1920s-1930s ebauche layout, used by a few manufacturers, notably A. Schild:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: AS 302

    To know who made this movement, you'd need to find the maker's markings on the movement- either under the balance, or on the dial side. If they're not there, the keyless works visible on the dial side can also be used to identify the maker of the movement. As to the calibre number, I'm afraid that if it isn't anywhere on the movement, then there's no way of finding it out.

    Nomide is not listed in Mikrolisk, neither have I heard of it before. 10.5 lignes is simply the diameter of the movement in French lignes, an old (and spare for watchmaking, pretty much defunct) unit of length.
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