Identifying Engraved Antique German(?) Watch

Thread: Identifying Engraved Antique German(?) Watch

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    Identifying Engraved Antique German(?) Watch

    An elderly friend of the family is interested in selling this timepiece and asked if I could help determine some information about it. My upfront apologies - like many posting, I have very little knowledge about these things so I'm helping the experts here can give us a leg up before he pawns it off. It was acquired in a barter for someone who owed him money many decades ago. We are also trying to get some information on the inscription on it. I realize we don't have photos of the interior - none of us were brave enough to try and open it :) We will take it to a jeweler and get photos at a later time.

    Thanks in advance to any knowledgeable folks who can lend their attention to it for a few minutes.

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    Re: Identifying Engraved Antique German(?) Watch

    I can't tell you much, but MGBM was the maker of the case Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index not the movement. As there's no name on the dial, I doubt anyone can say too much without a picture of the movement.
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    Re: Identifying Engraved Antique German(?) Watch

    The watch was given to Mr Karl Riechers for his 25 years with the company in 1927.

    Cheap company as it is just Gold plated, not solid Gold alloy, which is the customary.

    He lived in Austria or Germany.
    Edit: or German speaking part of Switzerland.
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    Re: Identifying Engraved Antique German(?) Watch

    It was given to "Polizeihauptwachtmeister"(police sergeant) for 25 years of service by his police comrades.Abbreviation "P.Rev." is meaning "Polizeirevier" or police station and the number 34 is number of the police station.
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