Identifying a Gold Hunter WW1?

Thread: Identifying a Gold Hunter WW1?

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    Identifying a Gold Hunter WW1?

    Some time ago I was looking for info on a full hunter pocket watch the face name was Remova Precusion or Presision a local antique show gave me the lead to have another try at identifying the watch, I have removed the mechanism and watch face and now find a mark under the face one way up it seems to have a backwards F joined to H joined to F the right way or turning the mechanism it would be LHL I have looked at the Makers marks on quiet a few sites but cant seem to find this one some look similar but in them the F is sloped upwards and the stamp on this movement is horizontal and beside the stamp is F 15 , can you help please? The family story on the watch goes that it was given to my Grandfather in the trenches in France by a fallen comrade to take back to his wife but the wife refused to take it.
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    Re: Identifying a Gold Hunter WW1?

    It sound like Fabrique d'Horologerie de Fontainemelon. Why don't you post pictures of the movement?
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    Re: Identifying a Gold Hunter WW1?

    Although Dr. Ranfft's archives only show the FHF 1 through 14, the notes indicate that the cal 15 and 16 should exist as simple size variations of the same caliber:
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    Re: Identifying a Gold Hunter WW1?

    Hi Rob,

    old FHF calibres were (if ever) only identified by a generation number, 1...14,
    diameter, and sometimes height. But I also suspect that numbers higher than
    14 existed, because the first known individial calibre designation is 22.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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