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    Identifying the mystery pocket watch

    I would greatly appreciate your help identifying this watch.

    After a couple of hours looking it up, i wound up with nothing. At least from what i can gather, it seems to lack any marks hinting at the maker of the watch.

    It is an ornate female watch. On the cover of the mechanism it has ''Remontoir, au Pendant'' (which i realize relates to the mechanism of the watch and au pendant = pocket watch ) engraved in it along with ''Geneve'' and the serial number/model n113307

    The case along with some parts are 14k gold

    I am attaching pictures to my post. I apologize for rookie first post mistakes.

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    Thank you in advance,

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    Re: Identifying the mystery pocket watch

    Indeed, "remontoir" refers to the movement, to the fact of it being stem-wound. Quite a lot of pocket watches from not-so-well-known manufacturers in the late 19th century have placed that inscription on their watches. "Au Pendant" means it's a ladies' pendant watch (to be worn on a chain around the neck), which isn't the same as a pocket watch (which was worn in a waistcoat pocket).
    The movement is a generic stem wind and pin set one, with a cylindre escapement, probably made by FHF.
    The number on the watch is irrelevant- if there are no clues to who has made the watch, the number cannot be matched with any serial number table for any brand. If this was made by a smaller company, the serial number is a dead end.
    The dial appears to be in great condition (no hairlines, no dirt). All in all, a nice piece.
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    Re: Identifying the mystery pocket watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek. Indeed, not much that I can add, except that the movement may well be from Fontainemelon (FHF), something a little like this one:

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: FHF 11'''

    Early watches were key wound and set, after that, you got your type (stem wound and set with pin at 1:00 to change functions), after that came the fully keyless works where you had to pull out the crown to change between winding and setting. Since stem winding was a major advance, it was "advertised" on the watch ("remontoir"). The age of your watch is from around 1900, give or take 10-15 years.

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