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    Illinois 19j adj3 pos private label inner urban special

    Illinois inner urban special 19j I put the serial number in on a website and it stated only 200 produced its a model 7 do anyone Knox if this is true and if so what's around about value of such a watch have a few people interested just don't know what to price it at thanks

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    Re: Illinois 19j adj3 pos private label inner urban special

    It's very, very difficult to estimate production of numbers of private labels. I've been told that Bill Meggers always thought that Illlinois PLs were made in blocks of 10, and from what I've seen that's probably pretty accurate. Absent brute-force observations(which require one or a couple of dedicated collectors keeping notes on a particular label) within these guidelines, it's almost impossible to get a realistic number for total made of a particular label.

    The "Blue Book" lists one particular variation of the "Interurban Special" matching the characteristics of yours. It also pictures one of these watches, which is marked "Made for the Kay Co. By Illinois Watch Co." As per the same reference, this should be a gr. 306, of which the total production of the 19j model 7 version is 27,180. Very likely only a small number of these are marked as yours.

    We can't give values on this message board, but I'll offer the following comments

    1. 16 size, 19j 3 Position Illinois watches are quite common and not widely collected in their factory marked configuration. Prices seen on sites like Ebay reflect this.

    2. Private labels can be very touchy to value, and much depends on finding the right buyer. At worst, a typical private label is worth about the same as its equivalent factory marked watch. High grade private labels with desirable markings can bring a big premium. Most are somewhere between these two extremes.

    3. Condition and originality mean a lot, and most private label collectors(I collect PLs pretty extensively) want to see the correctly signed dial and preferably in the best condition possible.

    I'd want to examine your watch to give a real opinion, but assuming the correct dial I'd guess a 25-50% premium over the equivalent factory marked watch.
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