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    Illinois 34mm Movement Questions

    I have a 34mm Illinois movement serial #780018, and I don't know much about the thing. It has no case or crown(has a stem). I'm no watch expert of any kind, and I am just looking for any information I can get.

    Here are two images of the movement:

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    I'm not even sure where to look for a case for this kind of watch. I've poked around online but haven't found any cases for sale. It looks like it could be a viable candidate for a trench style watch, but I really have no idea.

    Edit: The watch does not seem to work, but every visible piece seems to be moving. After winding the and getting the balance wheel moving the second hand and minute hands do move(Not sure about the hour hand), but the balance wheel quickly slows down and stops. The balance wheel itself seems to be in good shape, no wobbles or anything.

    Any information would be great! Thanks in advance
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    Re: Illinois 34mm Movement Questions

    You have a 1887 vintage size 6, 7 jewel, model 1, grade 140 movement meant for a hunter case. Probably originally intended for a ladies watch.

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