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    Illinois Sangamo

    The Sangamo has become one of my favorite grades of Illinois watch. At the time, this was the second highest grade watch Illinois made-behind the 189, and is thoroughly well finished throughout.

    There are a whole bunch of variations in these, including several different damaskeen patterns and several different marking variations.

    I've managed to put together a small collection of three Sangamos covering three of the more common variations. This collection is by no means complete, but none-the-less I think is representative of some of the more variations. My three include the 23j "wavy stripe" two tone pattern, a 21j bright spot "adjusted" version, and a 21j "Adjusted 6 positions" version.

    I also show the dials, which I believe to be correct for all three watches at their respective serial ranges. Please note that there are quite a few subtle differences in the styles both of the numerals and the signatures of these dials. Also please note that the hands on the bottom center watch are clearly incorrect :)

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    Re: Illinois Sangamo

    Name:  documents2 214.jpg
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Size:  602.0 KBNice to see these with good descriptions. I have one. I think from my superficial appearance judgement the movement makes similar ones from the big 3 competitors look crude by comparison.
    I had a 1.3 million one like this not marked Sangamo that sold for high price years ago. Wondered why? Is Sangamo an American indian name?
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    Re: Illinois Sangamo

    Another watch I wish I hadn't sold! I had a 23j one, with the 'bright spot' damaskeening, kinda like artb's.
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    Re: Illinois Sangamo

    Quote Originally Posted by artb View Post
    Is Sangamo an American indian name?
    I believe it is derived from the word Sangamon. A Pottawatomie word and the name of the river in Springfield, IL.
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