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    Illinois Watch Co. Pocket watch

    Hi I am new to this forum.
    I have a pocket watch that takes a key to wind. One hole in the back to wind and a square center on the hands. I also need to find out information about this watch. It is silver, and the face has no markings, the back opens and is stamped Dueber and below it has coin then what looks like an upside down bell with an anchor in it and below that a number, 80417. Inside is gold color with shiny blue screw heads and some ornate carvings and beautiful script says Illinois watch Co.Springfield Ill. No. 129989. any information will be greatly appreciated. If I figure out how to attach pictures I will do that. I have since found out that the Dueber coin signifies that the case was made from silver coinage, just how pure is anyones guess, I guess. It also has a persons name engraved on it Alfred May. I checked for the period I think the watch is, and then searched for Alfred May and the closest to the watch period I got was in the N.C. museum which talks about an Alfred May who fought for the confederacy , but made no mention of his owning a watch. (chuckle) Thanks for your time.
    I am from Sewickley Pennsylvania, USA

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    Re: Illinois Watch Co. Pocket watch

    As per the reference I'm using(the Illinois "blue book") it's an 18 size gr. 2.

    American coin silver is usually considered to be .900 fine.
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    Re: Illinois Watch Co. Pocket watch

    Hi. If the movement number is 129989 then it dates to 1876 to 1877 according to this site.
    Tying the watch to a specific Alfred May will be difficult unless you can find some corroborating evidence like an estate inventory, photographs, written records, etc. Did you inherit the watch? Post some pictures when you get a chance.

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