Illinois Watch Company 1906
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Thread: Illinois Watch Company 1906

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    Illinois Watch Company 1906

    This is the second pocket watch my wife inherited from her father.

    With what I leaned from everyone in my other post I did some research. This Illinois watch was made around 1906 according to the serial number. It is in a Philadelphia Watch Company gold-filled case.

    The watch has been overwound, or something is preventing the stem from turning. How does this Illinois watch compare to the Waltham model 1899, grade 625 pocket watch quality wise? Is it generally true that 11 Jewel watches are lesser quality than 17 Jewel watches? I know you don't give values on this site and I have no idea what watch repairs run, but would you think it would be worth having this watch repaired?

    In the 4th picture the etching around the hallmark is T 11-28-44 CLMS C.D.

    Any additional information about this watch would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Illinois Watch Company 1906

    You have a 0-size, model 2, grade 33, 11 jewel watch made, as you found, in 1906. This is a fairly common ladies watch with around 60,000 made. Illinois watches are generally of high quality, but you can consider this to be less than a 17 jewel watch. You see three jewels in the top plate. The corresponding holes in the pillar plate are unjeweled. So, you could say the jewels in an 11 jewel watch like this are more for 'show'. These watches are not terribly collectible, so it would cost quite a bit more to repair than the watch is worth.

    The case is gold filled, guaranteed to wear for 20 years before wearing through to the brass base metal.

    The numbers you see etched in the case are repairer's marks. Left there as a note from a repairer long ago.
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    Re: Illinois Watch Company 1906

    Quote Originally Posted by Fropa View Post
    . . . . The watch has been overwound, . . . .
    This is a condition cited by many that gives watchmakers much humor. It is perhaps more properly stated that the watch is fully wound and requires service and or repair in order to function.
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    Re: Illinois Watch Company 1906

    daveswatchparts - Thank you for all the detailed info on the watch.

    pithy - I had a feeling that wasn't the proper term with people who know watches, but I've hear it forever.

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