im confused about this one

Thread: im confused about this one

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    im confused about this one

    well it says ulysses nardin, buth then say cuervo y Sobrinos, these are two separate companies, if they were togethere at some poing in time it would make sense but i cant put 2 and 2 together. can you vintage lovers let me know whats up? thanks
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    Re: im confused about this one

    Just read their "history" on their web-page, and found this paragraph: (History)

    "The house achieved such levels of fame and exclusive refinement that the leading clock and watch manufacturers of the epoch engraved its name together with their own on the faces of the watches they sold, just like Tiffany in New York and Cartier in Paris, thus raising the name’s category to place it alongside that of the “creme” of the world’s best watch-makers, making it even more famous and sought after."

    So would seem to be legit.
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    Re: im confused about this one

    True - but at the same time, that's a relatively unpretentious ETA movement inside. Can't read the calibre number under the balance wheel, unfortunately (and close to midnight, I'm not going to rummage through Ranfft's pink pages to find it).....

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: im confused about this one

    Yikes! If that's the level of decoration acceptable inside a UN, colour me surprised. Even back then I thought they'd gussy it up a little. 'Unpretentious' indeed!

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    Re: im confused about this one

    Hi out there,

    remember the quartz crisis. In that time many honorable manufacturers used quite
    pedestrian movements from lage scale production.

    For instance Blancpain squeezed the cheapest available AS automatic into their
    Fity Fathoms, and others didn't better. In this correlation an ETA 2789 with jewelled
    automatic assembly (21 or 25 jewels though) has already a certain distance from the

    Anyway, large scale produced movements are part of the watch history, and therefore
    collectible. But I'd not pay such difference to a no-name watch with better finish.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft

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    Re: im confused about this one

    I understood that cuervo y Sobrinos was increasingly a target for fakes. I am not claiming this is one, nor can I recall where I read it. Just a thought that care is needed.

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    Re: im confused about this one

    never mind....
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