I'm new! Odd tick question
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Thread: I'm new! Odd tick question

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    I'm new! Odd tick question

    Greetings! I've just joined. Nice to meet you all!

    Ive just discovered vintage Soviet watches and I rather like them.
    I have a 1970s Wostok, hand wound, which keeps fantastic time and seems to run perfectly well.
    However, when I put the watch to my ear, I notice most of the ticks are accompanied by a slightly resonant, medium pitch knocking kind of sound. Is this anything to worry about?

    I don't think it's just the age as I also have a 1950s Zim which doesn't do this.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    I'll post pics later if you like.

    PS. Did you spot my clever use name?

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    Re: I'm new! Odd tick question

    We like pictures!
    Vintage Zodiac addict.

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    Re: I'm new! Odd tick question

    Quote Originally Posted by YuriyV View Post
    We like pictures!
    Or in this case ... audio files of ticking sounds.
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    Re: I'm new! Odd tick question

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: I'm new! Odd tick question

    Different watch movements in different cases will have different sounding ticks. Vintage mechanical watches that haven't been serviced for along time will probably sound different to a freshly serviced example too.
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    Re: I'm new! Odd tick question

    The watch case can amplify the sound of the pallet hitting the banking pins, running too strong and knocking or it may be normal for this movement ? This may be ok or it may be that at some point a stronger then normal mainspring was installed, let your watchmaker put his ear to it and get an educated opinion.

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    Re: I'm new! Odd tick question

    If you desire an actual diagnosis, utilizing waveSurfer preferably or alternately Audacity capture a file of the offending sound.

    With the time scale present, zoom in just until the individual beat elements are clearly visible.

    Then, zoom in further to display a couple of .200 second series.

    The maximum audio volume display should be adjusted so that both extremes are visible.

    Post screen shots of both graphical captures.
    Courtesy of ULF.

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