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    Info On Gruen Precision

    Different watches, depending on design and quality of the winding train together with wear in older watches can give you different feel as you wind.

    If there was damage in the winding train then you’d feel it during winding. If you are feeling different resistances once fully wound then this seems unlikely to be from damage in the train and more likely to different designs of the stopwork or train. Yours is a relatively modern watch but designs have changed.

    You seem obsessed with over winding. If you take this watch to your watchmaker and tell him it’s been overwound then he will laugh at you, privately if not out loud. Overwinding is a layman’s description of a watch that doesn’t work and has been wound up in the hope it will run. It doesn’t of course because it needs servicing or has a fault. Attempting to make it run, people try to wind it more, which naturally fails to work, although sometimes the extra pressure will get a watch that needs servicing to run for a few seconds. They then describe it as overwound. I’ve yet to find a watchmaker who uses this description.
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