Info on this Roamer?

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    Info on this Roamer?

    Does anyone have any information about this Roamer I picked up on the 'bay? Curious when it was made, etc. It's manual-wind. The crystal has obviously been buffed, and perhaps the white on the hands is a little suspect....

    Seller's movement photo:

    Alas I don't have a caseback tool so I can't open it up to see what lurks inside.

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    Re: Info on this Roamer?

    Looks like an MST 520 movement which was available from 1974 onwards.

    I agree with you about the hands, they don't somehow quite seem right. They look like they have a depression for lume, so I doubt they were like that from the factory.

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    Re: Info on this Roamer?

    Neat, from the looks of it you could just bolt on an autowind module if you wanted.
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