Interesting "1960s" Omega Seamaster

Thread: Interesting "1960s" Omega Seamaster

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    Interesting "1960s" Omega Seamaster

    Good evening Watchuseek'ers,

    I'm looking for a little insight on this (somewhat) time sensitive matter. I've been watching a vintage omega seamaster on ebay, the seller indicates that is is functional, from the 1960's, and in it's original condition. If the listing was selling for 100 to 150 I'd buy it and take the risk. Seeing as it may go higher - I'm looking for a little advice. I'll be paying in Canadian dollars, as I am from Canada.

    How high does my post count need to be to post a link?

    I looked through the Omega watch archives, and couldn't find a watch that perfectly matched the visually identifiable features of this watch. Manual wind, dauphine hands, no calendar function, 35mm case, and press fit back etc. Which obviously raises my suspicions, though I'll admit it is possible the seller fudged a few of the details. Does anyone else think the ad looks a little fishy? They make specific reference to the fact that the crown and strap have Omega logo's, as if that were a true sign of authenticity (which I don't believe it is). I'm sort of thinking that there is a bit of photo shop work going on to make the watch more visually appealing. Does anyone else think that is the case?

    Any input would be very helpful. I don't want my first vintage watch to be a lemon!

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    Re: Interesting "1960s" Omega Seamaster

    I can't post the link due to post count rules. If anyone is willing to go on the hunt;

    The eBay vendors jambbuk, posting is 1960's STUNNING VINTAGE OMEGA SEAMASTER MEN'S MANUAL SS BLACK DIAL WATCH.

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    Re: Interesting "1960s" Omega Seamaster

    Redial and no movement pictures
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    Re: Interesting "1960s" Omega Seamaster

    The seller advises it is a redial..."FANTASTIC REFRESHED BLACK DIAL WITH GOLD HANDS AND MARKERS!" You gotta read the full description.

    The seller is therefore misdescribing the watch when they state..."ORIGINAL PERFECT CONDITION (SERVICED)". How can a redial be ""original perfect condition"?

    You can assume any black-dialed Seamaster in such new looking condition will be a redial.

    As mentioned - no pics of the movement. Given that these Omegas are amoungst the most frankened of models it's unwise to consider such a watch without seeing the movement.
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