Interesting and Unusual Trench watch

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    Interesting and Unusual Trench watch

    So for $6 I said why not... What you guys see here...

    Dial is unbranded... Has radium... 10k gold looks to be pretty much gone... Movement says 15 jewels but no name... Now the lugs I have no clue whats going on there but looks to be an old repair possibly but why not repair the original way at around 22mm... Looks to be repaired how a 12mm lug would be on trench watches... But nonetheless for around 100 years its been to some crazy life...

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    Re: Interesting and Unusual Trench watch

    Rolled gold is a lesser quality of gold fill. Usually just the outside of the object. Likely lasted the 10 years....

    Movement looks to be A. Schild based on the bridges and train... which are pretty common but are decent enough. However the click isn't what I'd expect. If it is, it'll likely be stamped 'AS' on the dial side of the movement.
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