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    Introduction and help requested

    Hello all! I am rather new to the world of watches as a whole. I have a new seiko that I got as a Christmas present a couple of years ago that has really got me interested in the world of watches. Today, my grandmother gave me a few watches various members of my family have owned over the years and I am trying to find out as much as I can about them. I am a sucker for history so any info I can get about them, how they work, and how to restore them would be amazing.
    I have some pictures of the watches and I can take more if needed.

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    Re: Introduction and help requested


    Can You share the pictures with movements?
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    Re: Introduction and help requested

    Welcome! I believe you need to have about three posts prior to being able to post. Not knowing your experience with such things, we always suggest uploading to a hosting site (I've used Photobucket for years) and just insert the link into your post
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