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    Jolus chronograph part needed

    Hello all,
    My watch repairman needs a mainspring for my Swiss Jolus chronograph. I think Jolus is a sort of generic brand name back when everybody was doing Swiss chronographs. The problem is, he doesn't know what type mainspring could be substituted for a Jolus, which he cannot find. Can anyone out there PLEASE help us? He currently has the watch, so I can't give you a model or serial number,etc. but if necessary, I will get that info.--all I remember is it's an 18k Jolus chronograph, seventeen jewels, I believe. Thanks!

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    Re: Jolus chronograph part needed

    Forget the fact that it's in a Jolus - what you would need to look for is a mainspring for a Venus/Valjoux/Landeron Cal. XYZ. Or perhaps Lemania - or whatever generic movement is inside. This is what is more important.

    Hartmut Richter

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