Just landed: Vintage Bulova Diver - help sought + possible Bucherer connection?

Thread: Just landed: Vintage Bulova Diver - help sought + possible Bucherer connection?

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    Just landed: Vintage Bulova Diver - help sought + possible Bucherer connection?

    A late night troll of the 'bay ended with me owning my first Bulova - a vintage Marina Star quartz diver.

    I got it mainly because I liked the colors on the dial. When I got it home the good news was that it worked upon insertion of a new battery, the bad news (not really bad news, this is eBay after all) was that the crown was missing a good bit of material and the crystal had a fair number of scratches that were not possible to polish out (must be mineral).

    Not sure how it got this way, but about a third of the crown has been completely ground away! Check it out:

    More photos:

    I understand from a little bit of online research that the "P8" on the caseback means that the watch is from 1988 but other than that, I am not able to find any more information about the watch online. Can anyone share any wisdom about this particular watch?

    I am new to the brand and would love to find out where to source a new crown and crystal.

    Interestingly, there is another watch on the 'bay that appears identical but for the brand name "Bucherer" on the dial: VINTAGE 80s BUCHERER DIVER MENS WATCH TAG HEUER BAND | eBay Anyone familiar with the connection?


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    Re: New/old Bulova - help sought and Bucherer connection

    I can't find any references to a link between them; in fact, their histories would seem to be wildly divergent. That said, the 70's/80's were a wild time in the watch business. By 1988, Bulova was a subsidiary of the Loews group and was doing what pretty much all existing watch companies were doing; buying movments from the ETA group and casing them. And the design of both these watches can be said to have been strongly influenced by the far more successful and popular Seiko divers of the era. Another point of interest is the "Hong Kong" indication in the caseback; you can bet that much of the production of these types of watches was farmed out by different companies to the same shops in Hong Kong, who would likely have simply used the same source of parts for things like cases and hands.

    As for crown and crystals, those are likely fairly standard, so any decent watch repair place can set you up. Note, however, that if you expect any sort of water resistance, you'll probably need to replace the crystal gasket, the case gasket and the crown gasket.
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